Social media leads police to tip jar thief in Milford

Police in Milford credit social media with helping them track down the woman who stole a tip jar Sunday from Scratch Baking.
Video of the thief was posted on Scratch Baking's social media accounts and was viewed more than 78,000 times. The video shows the woman putting the jar into her bag. Police say that led to calls from people telling them where they could find the woman in the video.
"There's a possibility this same female may be a suspect in other similar crimes," says Officer Mike Devito, of the Milford Police Department. "We're working on it right now with other jurisdictions."
Police say the tip jar contained about $100. Police recommend that businesses remove the cash from the tip jar every hour or so this way there isn't such a substantial amount out in the open.
Police found the woman and say she confessed to taking the jar. 
The owner of Scratch Baking says she was blown away by the response from the community.