Some CT gyms hold off on vaccination requirements, for now

Fitness chains Equinox and Soul Cycle announced they will require all their members to be vaccinated, but some local gyms aren't enforcing vaccine mandates just yet.
The owner of F45 Training in Westport, Brian Trainor, says the facility doesn't require its clients to be vaccinated, though it is on an honor system.
"We are always proactive we're always one step ahead, so we're thinking about it already. But obviously we're trying to hold off as long as possible, just to keep our members and staff happy," he said.
He says he knows all his clients, and those who are not vaccinated wear a mask when they are in the gym. If the state did require masks indoors for everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, Trainor says that would hurt business.
"I think that we're doing -- and everyone in this industry -- is doing the best that they can to stay positive and afloat and keep moving forward. We're just trying to make a safe space for everybody," Trainor said.
For now, they are following state guidelines and not requiring vaccines to come work out.
Trainor says their No. 1 goal is safety and that certain safety precautions they implemented more than a year ago are still in practice at his gym.
"We also have cleaning solution at every station, we're not rotating around, not sharing any equipment, so all the equipment is cleaned after every single class. We're also doing a cleaning of the studio every night and deep cleaning three times a week," he said.