Some CT residents scaling back holiday plans as Omicron cases surge

The surge in cases is prompting families to re-think what was supposed to be the "return" of the big Christmas gatherings at their homes.
Mask mandates are back in in some local cities, including Norwalk, meaning last-minute shoppers must wear a face covering at all stores and local businesses.
Some shoppers at Stew Leonard's told News 12 they canceled their holiday plans three weeks ago when they first heard about the Omicron variant, despite being vaccinated and boosted.
"We like to get all together, but for now...honestly just our immediate family and household because we can't really intermingle with lots of people's kind of sad but I'm kind of used to it at this point," said Alba Vega.
Lines go on for hours at some testing clinics, and at-home COVID-19 tests are flying off the shelves. It's leaving families not a lot of options to know if they're safe from the virus.
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