Some MetroCard fares could increase under MTA plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency released its budget plan for 2008 Monday, detailing some fare increases and toll hikes for subways, buses, commuter rail lines and New York metro area bridges.
The MTA proposal keeps the base rate of a single bus or subway ride at $2. However, it would raise the cost of a weekly pass to $25 from $24, and monthly passes would increase from $76 to $81.
The MTA says the increase is needed to cover deficits.
The Straphangers Campaign and some lawmakers oppose the fare increase and say riders shouldn't be the only ones who fund transit.
"We believe the MTA vote should be delayed," Assemblyman Richard Brodsky said. "We believe we can find money within the budget of the city and state to save the fare and we want that opportunity."
The MTA is set to vote on the proposal Dec. 19. If approved, the increase could go into effect by early March.