Some restaurants shift back to curbside only as CT tops 23% positivity rate

Some local restaurants are switching back to curbside-only service with COVID cases and staffing shortages on the rise.
Jimmy's Apizza is back on curbside for the time being as Omicron surges across the state.
"I don't ever remember closing for anything. Just didn't happen. But the last year and a half, two years has been just absolutely crazy," said owner and 44-year pizza veteran James Ormrod.
Ormrod says he's hired on help to run the orders and bring pizzas to customers' cars.
"If I get sick or my brother gets sick, we close. And if we close, it affects probably 15 employees I have, and obviously they need the money," Ormrod said.
He says going curbside only is easier for a place like Jimmy's Apizza since takeout makes up 70% of business even in normal times.
"The restaurants that got hurt were really kind of the fancy-schmancy ones. You know, you're not going go to a steak place and order a $70 steak and take it home," Ormrod said.