Some say lawmakers playing politics with city sewers

Norwalk officials are trying to figure out a way to fix the city?s aging storm drains, but say the problems between Gov. Jodi Rell (R-CT) and the state legislature is making that difficult.
Public Works Director Hal Alvord says the city has a new tool to make the job easier but a lack of funding prevents it from being used. The city wants to videotape the miles and miles of storm drain pipes below the city to detect damage using a robotic camera.
A $3 billion bond package from the state was to help pay for solutions to problems such as damage drain pipes, according to Alvord. The General Assembly passed the bond package but Rell plans to veto it to keep spending tight.
Some officials say Norwalk is being left without options, but they understand the governor?s fiscal concerns.
Democratic mayoral candidate, Walter Brigs, says however, "I think that is totally irresponsible. We have to do what we can to fix the 100 infrastructure problems within the city.?
Officials are considering setting up a flood control board to help secure more state funding.