South Norwalk restaurant offers summer dining deals

Bruxelles Brasserie in South Norwalk is offering a variety of summer dining and drink deals as more people begin to dine out again following the pandemic.  
Manager Angela Grogan says more people are going out to eat again.
"I definitely think people are starting to come out again, so we did see an upswing in people coming out feeling more comfortable dining with us,"
Grogan says.  
Grogan says that summer can be a bit slower, but more people are getting together around the table for a bite to eat nowadays.
According to the experts, dinning out is once again becoming a popular trend across the entire state.
Caleb Silver with Investopedia says restaurant reservations are up in Connecticut.  "Actually, restaurant reservations are up 42.3% above 2019 levels.
This is a massive rebound in restaurant reservations," Silver says.  
Grogan says Bruxelles Brasserie offers many dinning deals each week, including $1 seafood night on Tuesdays.