South Norwalk woman hopes for return of stolen motorcycle that helped her heal after tragic loss

Kate Fiore says the bike wasn't just a ride, but what got her through a personal tragedy.

News 12 Staff

Aug 21, 2021, 12:01 AM

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A South Norwalk woman is hoping the public can help after her beloved motorcycle was stolen.
Kate Fiore says the bike wasn't just a ride, but what got her through a personal tragedy.
On Sunday morning, she went down to her building's garage to take her 1980 Yamaha SR250 out for a spin.
"And it was gone. It's pretty much that simple. It was gone," Fiore says.
The motorcycle had been parked at the Sono Pearl, where Fiore's lived for four years. She says while it was visible from the sidewalk, she'd never had an issue before, and there are cameras.
Video captured two men come into the garage around 4 a.m. One wore a mask, the other had his face fully covered.
At one point, one man appeared to use a pole to block the camera from recording him while he waited.
The other suspect then ran out with the bike.
"They took something that wasn't just a thing," Fiore says. "They took something that was like a vehicle for healing. They took something that was a therapy. It was something that helped me get through incredible loss."
In 2017, Fiore's coworker was murdered. She says her grief was unimaginable.
A close friend gave her the bike to help with her journey through the loss. It had been owned by his mother, who was killed in a separate tragedy.
"It was this old rickety, rusty bike that I learned how to ride on, and I could be alone on," Fiore says.
Fiore doesn't think the bike is worth much on the market, but to her, the sentimental value is priceless.
She says she doesn't care about arrests. All she wants is her bike back.
"Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I am sort of hoping someone somewhere will see my little bike, you know, for sale, and contact me. That would be incredible. That would be amazing," Fiore says.
A GoFundMe account is raising money for a reward for any information leading to the motorcycle's return. You can make a donation here.

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