Southbury man’s mysterious disappearance puzzles family, police

The family of Mark Gasso, a 63-year-old Southbury man, says he has not been seen or heard from in almost two weeks. Now, his home is considered a crime scene.
The family sent some of Gasso’s workers to his home on Berkshire Road after they unsuccessfully tried to reach him. Inside the house, they found his phone and wallet, along with the shower running and the television on.
Southbury police and state police began searching the wooded property for days but found nothing. They also searched Lake Zoar near Gasso's house.
The family put up posters describing Gasso, a bald, white male with hazel eyes standing 5 feet, 11 inches and weighing 185 pounds. His family says he walks with a slight limp. They also say he had been depressed.
Police had done a welfare check on him a day or so before he went missing but said he was OK.
"I just keep praying to God…saying ‘God please find him, let them find him, dead or alive, so we have a closure,'" said one family member.
Police have not indicated any leads in the case. They are asking anyone with knowledge of Gasso’s whereabout to call them at 203-264-5912.