SPCA: 2 Long Island women face animal cruelty charges for dumping 3 cats in Tanner Park

Two Long Island women are facing animal cruelty charges for dumping three cats in Tanner Park in Copiague, according to the Suffolk SPCA.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the cats are still missing after being left behind in August by Crystal Cahill, 39, of Amityville, and Catherine Gropper, 32, of Massapequa.
Detectives say the two women were performing animal rescue work for the Trap, Neuter and Return program but instead just abandoned the cats.
The program is aimed at reducing the feral cat population. The SPCA says the cats were trapped in East Islip and then allegedly dumped in Copiague.
"The proper way is trapping them, having them sterilized by a licensed veterinarian and to return them to where they were trapped or get them adopted," says Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross.
Kathleen Leslie, of Bay Shore, does TNR, or Trap, Neuter and Return work. She travels across the island to give stray cats a better life.
On Friday, she trapped a pregnant cat in Wyandanch. The purpose of TNR is so that trapping the cats is just the beginning of their recovery process.
"The idea is that all the cats will be trapped, spayed and neutered and given the medical attention that they need and then returned to their site because if you don't return them and abandon them, it puts them in a very dangerous situation," Leslie says.
Leslie tells News 12 other local animal advocates still come to Tanner Park to search for the missing three cats.
Cahill and Gropper are due back in court on Oct. 13.
If they are found guilty, they could potentially face jail time and fines.