Springdale Florist and Greenhouses still blooming after 100 years in business

One of the oldest flower shops in the area is celebrating 100 years in business this month.
"When I bought this place, an accountant told me I couldn't make it," said Mickey Doyle.
Despite that accountant's negative outlook, Springdale Florist and Greenhouses on the Stamford-Darien border continues to bloom generation after generation.
"We looked at each other and go, 'Holy cow, this is 100 years this year,'" said Tom Doyle.
That history is on display with old photos and even the original sign.
"Springdale Florist was established in 1922 by Alex Cant Sr. My family got involved with Springdale Florist in 1932 when my grandfather came to work here for the Cant family," said Mickey Doyle.
Mickey Doyle was raised by his grandfather and soon joined him. Mickey Doyle later bought the shop from Cant's son in 1973.
"I'll be 83 in July so that makes me 82. I only work 7 days a week now. I don't go over that," joked Mickey Doyle.
Mickey Doyle is still here every morning at 6:30 and says he has a passion for this. He has help from family, especially his son.
"I remember making the decision around when I was 22 years old that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life," said Tom Doyle.
Forty years later, Mickey's son Tom Doyle is still here - he thinks because the business has adapted with online sales while keeping that old-school mindset of knowing and caring about their customers.
"I think when they walk through the door, they get a different experience than when they get going somewhere else, than the big box stores, you know? You get the help, you get the smile," said Tom Doyle. "It makes a big difference."
A corner of the store is dedicated to military members with local ties, such as Brian Bill who died in Afghanistan and worked at Springdale.
Mickey Doyle has also received dozens of awards for all of his and his shop's charity work.
"Our philosophy is you want to be so much a part of the community that they really miss you when you're gone," said Tom Doyle.
Mickey Doyle says he has no plans to retire. He says his grandfather worked for him at Springdale until he was 89.