St. Vincent's Medical Center doctor pushes for yearly COVID shot

The program director for Internal Medicine at St. Vincent's Medical Center says he is on board with Pfizer's application for a second booster for seniors.
Dr. David Regelmann says the research is based on a trial in Israel of over a million patients that found a fourth dose decreased severe illness from COVID-19 and hospitalizations significantly.
Regelmann says the concern he has about a second booster is it will put people at the limit again for antibodies, so there's a diminished return.
"What would be really, really wonderful and I think the MRNA technology is there, would be to have a vaccine that's more universal and longer lasting," said Regelmann.
Reports of a possible second booster is welcoming news to some seniors News 12 spoke with.
"I think it's a wonderful thing. I hope that the drug companies are able to get this ramped up where we can have it as a yearly vaccine," said 70-year-old Jim Plucker, from Bridgeport.
Pfizer is hoping to know whether it will be approved for a second booster next month.
But the federal government says it may not have the money to fund it for the entire population.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 65% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, but only 44% of those individuals have received boosters.