Stamford Animal Control offers tips to keep pets safe in humid weather

Try taking dogs for shorter walks and remember to bring water. Officials say dog owners should avoid having their pets drink from lakes and streams. 

Jul 5, 2023, 4:40 PM

Updated 318 days ago


Stamford Animal Control says high humidity can cause pets to overheat if left outside for a prolonged period of time. 
"We have to remember that dogs do not naturally have a way to sweat, so they don't release the heat from sweat, they release the heat from breathing," Officer Tilford Cobb said.
Cobb recommends taking dogs for shorter walks and bringing water. Avoid having them drink from lakes and streams. 
"There could be something blooming in that water that could affect your pet," Cobb explained.
Cobb also cautions against leaving pets in hot cars.
"A lot of people leave their windows open thinking that will cool the dog down. It's not enough, a fan is not enough," Cobb said.
"In these temperatures, it's important to keep your dog in an air-conditioned car and the AC in your house."
If your pet has difficulty breathing, Cobb said relocate it to a shady spot or bring it inside and cool it down with a wet towel. If that doesn't help, call your veterinarian or Animal Control.  Stamford Animal Control can be reached at 203-977-4437.

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