Stamford artist encourages neighborhood to put art in yards to help bring color to community

A Stamford artist is encouraging his neighbors to put some art in their front yards to help bring color to the community as galleries and studios were forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Nat Connacher, 30, is a designer and artist who started the movement, #PutArtInYourYard. He says he's putting his own paintings in his yard to bring light to the world amid all the shutdowns from the outbreak.
"It's about looking inside yourself and saying, 'Hey, I can actually do something. I can paint, or I can draw, or I can play some music and put it out there into the world,'" Connacher says.
Connacher says with major institutions and the entire sporting world shut down, people are longing for a sense of community. He hopes other neighborhoods grab the idea and run with it.
Connacher says he feels it is his civic duty to put out art each day. He says anyone who jumps in on the movement should post their art on social media with the hashtag #PutArtInYourYard.