Stamford artist finds artwork stolen in 2017 sold online to gallery

A Stamford artist says he was shocked to learn a sculpture he created that had been stolen was sold to a gallery online.
Stamford-based artist Joseph Dermody came across his sculpture that was stolen in 2017 while reading an article about the theft. He says his friend, Mika, bought the piece before moving from Greenwich to Vermont.
Dermody says Mika told him the art went missing following the move. Years later, while doing a Google search for an article written about him - he came across an image of the stolen work.
He tells News 12 the creation was sold on a website called First Dibs by Black Rock Gallery in Greenwich.
Dermody says Greenwich police gave him information regarding who sold the piece to the gallery. He says he then went to the gallery and were able to locate the person who bought it - a woman in Stratford.
He was also able to confirm the name of the man who sold the piece to the gallery and says that he hasn't been able to locate him.
A detective with the Greenwich Police Department tells News 12 stolen property has previously been found being sold online - but didn't comment on the specific details of this case.