Stamford attorney: Mueller report should be released, Barr could be subpoenaed

A Stamford attorney says it is likely that any legal ramifications from the Mueller report will not be felt by President Donald Trump, but by those associated with him.
Following the completion of Robert Mueller's report, attorney Stanley Twardy Jr. says the entirety of the report should be released -- but legally it is not that simple.
Twardy says there are rules in place to protect information and testimonies gained through subpoenas from being made public. He also mentions that issue of if sources names were to be released, they could be put in danger.
But Twardy does believe Congress will subpoena Mueller's report if it is not released, along with Attorney General William Barr, to find out how he came to his conclusions in just two days.
"The public really needs to hear or see what the evidence is, as opposed to having it filtered through the Republicans or the Democrats, or the White House, or CNN or whomever it might be," says Twardy.
Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy have been among the elected officials pushing for the entirety of the report to be made public.
"The Barr letter is not a report, we need to see the Mueller report, not the Barr letter," says Blumenthal. "The American people still need to know what is the evidence of obstruction, why was there no interview of the president. There were more than 2,000 subpoenas in this investigation, 2,800 in fact, why none to the president?"
Murphy tweeted out his call for the report via Twitter, saying, "If Barr won't show the public the report - only his interpretation of the report - then that tells you all you need to know. Give the report to Congress. Make it public. NOW."
President Trump has suggested he would be OK with the entire report being released.