Stamford-based organization sends relief supplies to tornado-devastated Kentucky

A Stamford-based relief organization is providing aid to Kentucky, one of the states hardest hit by this weekend's tornados.
AmeriCares deployed an emergency response team to help distribute and coordinate with partner health facilities in the impacted states.
Right now, their team is working to deliver medicine, relief supplies and emergency funding to those in need.
"These have been incredibly devastating storms across multiple states, so our team is currently based on Kentucky," said Kate Dischino, of AmeriCares.
AmeriCares contacted more than 100 partner health facilities to offer assistance in impacted states, especially those serving low-income, uninsured and underinsured families.
"We're ready to send hygiene kits, we're also prepared to send medicine and medical supplies," Dischino said.
The organization is hoping to provide basic needs for those who lost everything in the six states impacted by the powerful storms.
"Being able to have medicine supplies and hygiene products to help you get through some of these most difficult times are incredibly important," Dischino said.
AmeriCares said it is also accepting donations on its website.