Stamford Board of Representatives approves citywide plastic bag ban

After a monthslong debate, the Stamford Board of Representatives has approved a citywide ban on plastic shopping bags.
At a meeting Monday night, 33 out of 40 board members reportedly voted in favor of the ban.
If Mayor Martin signs the ordinance into law, Stamford will join Westport and Greenwich, the only other municipalities in the state that have banned plastic bags.
However, Stamford would be the first to implement a 10 cent charge for paper bags.
The ordinance calls for those paper bags to be 100 percent recyclable and contain at least 40 percent recycled material.
The 10 cents per bag would not benefit the state and money would go right back to the retailer, according to officials.
They say the fee is to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.
Many in support of the fee came to the meeting holding up signs that said "BYOB" or "Bring Your Own Bag."
The plastic bag ban is still very new for Greenwich, while Westport has had their ban in effect for nearly a decade.
As for Stamford, if Mayor Martin signs the ordinance, it will go into effect in six months.