Stamford couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

Charles and Beverly Levine are proof love can stand the test of time. The Stamford couple, now 95 and 93, got married on Jan. 25, 1953, and just celebrated 70 years together.
The two first met the previous summer in Brooklyn when relatives decided to introduce them.
"They each said, 'That's a good idea,' and we said, "Okay,' and here we are," Charles explained.
Except it wasn't quite that simple. Charles knew Bev was the one right away.
"I thought she was outstanding," he recalled.
But Bev didn't quite see them walking down the aisle.
"No. I really didn't," she told News 12. "But let Charles give you the rest."
"No," he interrupted. "You can tell the story. It's your story."
The story goes Charles found a $50 bill in his suit pocket on their first date and told Bev it meant good luck for their relationship, but Bev thought Charles was just giving her a line. That's what Bev told her mom when she got home that night.
"She said, 'Bev, don't close the door! You never know. If he calls you, give it another chance," she recalled.
"So lucky me, she had a smart mother," Charles added.
Six months later they said, "I do."
"Even though we got married in a very short time, it wasn't a haphazard thing," Bev explained, "Because we had discussed so many things and felt it would work."
Clearly, they were right. The couple raised three sons in New Rochelle, NY, and over the decades, watched their family expand with the addition of six grandkids and four great-grandkids. The Levines attribute their successful marriage in part to a willingness to compromise.
"As far as any one secret, I think it's just being compatible and wanting to be together and appreciating it," Charles said.
"It was just a matter of always sharing and understanding each other's needs," Bev added.
Humor has also played a role in their relationship, and maybe so has luck—just as Charles told Bev on that very first date.
"We both recognize the good fortune of having what we've had all these years up to this very day," Bev told News 12.
The Levines have lived at Edgehill for the past 4 1/2 years.