Stamford crime down according to latest statistics

The most recent statistics show crime is down significantly in the city of Stamford.
According to Mayor Dannel Malloy, crime rates are down by more than 25 percent for the first half of the year from last year. Everything, from homicides to robberies, is down, according to statistics.
The city attributes the decrease to the police department zeroing in on issues like narcotics, and working with various social agencies and citizens to help make the city safer.
The Stamford Police Department says the Clean Streets initiative, in particular, helped to make the city's streets safer.
"We were able to put together an operation called Clean Streets, which netted over 100 arrests of drug dealers and other people that we thought were related to the violence?? Lt. Sean Cooney said.
The crime statistics for the second half of the year will be compiled and reported to the FBI.