Stamford gun reform rally: 'We are sick and tired of gun violence in this country'

Mill River Park in Stamford was filled with hundreds of people Saturday who advocated for stricter gun laws.
"We are sick and tired of gun violence in this country," said Shira Tarantino, of March For Our Lives Stamford.
The March For Our Lives rally was triggered nationwide and across Connecticut in response to recent mass shootings in Texas and New York.
"It's a stomach-sinking feeling seeing all of those kids on the TV screen, thinking of all the stories and to just imagine families and people that have been impacted," said Westhill High School student Zara Williamson.
Students tell News 12 Connecticut it's inevitable to be fearful going to school and being in public places.
"I think it's hard to not be scared. I think when you're hearing all the stories and all these incidents, I think it's hard to not question is it going to be me next? What am I going to do next?" Williamson asked.
In response to the mass shootings in Texas and in Buffalo, March For Our Lives Stamford erected two exhibits at the site of the rally to honor every single person lost in both those tragedies. It contained 31 names – the victims of the two shootings.
"We are connecting with Texas because this happened to us 10 years ago with Sandy Hook Elementary. This can't happen again," Tarantino stressed.
Parents and students at the rally pushed for universal background checks and bans on assault-style weapons.
The first March For Our Lives nationwide rallies were held in 2018 after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Fourteen students and three staff members were killed. Another 17 were injured.