Stamford gym sees memberships increase as 2022 begins

As 2022 begins, many local gyms are seeing an increase in memberships.
Sportsplex in Stamford says that over the last few months, more than 200 new people signed up. The gym is expecting more new members over the next few days.
Owner Kumail Mehmood says that he wants to make sure members feel safe coming to the gym, so COVID-19 policies are in place. Vaccinated members can take off their masks when doing a personal exercise.
“I think most people, even when we put the vaccination - which was a little different than other clubs did - we wanted proof of vaccination. I think most people were OK with it,” Mehmood says. “I think we all, as human beings, especially now in this COVID-age, we want to all feel safe and protected. So I think everyone complied with it and brought their proof of vaccination.”
Anyone who is unvaccinated will have to wear a mask the entire time they are in the gym.