Stamford HS staff remembers longtime coach, history teacher

Stamford High School is remembering a beloved, longtime employee who died unexpectedly late last year.
History teacher and coach Jon Boone died from a brain hemorrhage on Christmas Day. He was 57.
Boone was in his 20th year at Stamford High School since moving from Florida.
Co-workers and former students say it isn't easy to narrow down why Boone meant so much to so many. He was called generous, passionate and honest.
Boone not only coached and taught, but he also was part of an after-school program and ran summer school.
"How this man found the time to juggle all these things -- really in his heart he was just doing it for the best of our kids, their needs and he knew it made them happy," says Stamford High School Principal Ray Manka.
Boone moved on to coach youth teams in his town of Westport. Before working at Stamford, Boone was a coach at the University of Miami and LSU.
Boone was not only a role model for students, but staff as well.
"His fatherly advice, aside from his professional advice was always just spot on as well," says Stamford High School teacher Jeremy White.
Co-workers say Boone was a fitness fanatic to the point where his wife used to drop him off with his bike so he could cycle home to Westport.
Boone is survived by his two kids and wife.
A fundraising account has been set up to help the family following his death.