Stamford leaders, Domestic Violence Crisis Center raise awareness of resources for victims

City leaders and members of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center gathered at the Government Center in downtown Stamford Tuesday to raise awareness about domestic violence.
“Until we have a terrible case where someone is physically sent to the hospital, or more importantly a physical case where they pass away, we get very little attention,” said Mayor David Martin.
Police Chief Tim Shaw says the city has seen violent acts of domestic violence that have gone too far. State Rep. Caroline Simmons says something has to be done for victims before it’s too late.
"This is unacceptable and we have to do better as a city, as a state, as a country,” she says.
Members of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, which serves seven communities in lower Fairfield County, gathered downtown to encourage people to get help.
Ann Rodwell-Lawton, who is with the center, says the pandemic has worsened domestic violence cases.
"The pandemic really created dangerous scenarios for victims being stuck inside and trying to have to figure out how they can reach out for help and what that looks like,” she says.
The Domestic Violence Crisis Center is located on Summer Street. It also has two safe houses and provides individual and group counseling.
For resources, visit the center’s website.