Stamford man tells story of addiction in attempt to inspire others to get clean

A Stamford man has been sharing his inspiring story about recovery, and he'll be telling it again Wednesday night in New York City at Caron Treatment Centers' fundraising gala.
Max Fiedel and his oldest brother were about to start a band nearly 19 years ago. But his brother, his girlfriend and their 1-year-old son were killed by a drunk driver.
Fiedel, who was living in Southern California, began drinking and doing drugs to cope with the loss. He said he would steal pain medication and money from his father.
Fiedel moved to New York City in 2013, but he couldn't shake his addictions.
"I would show up to work soaking wet, just drenched in sweat and start drinking immediately on the job and pass out on the job," Fiedel said.
At his lowest point, he says he was nearly homeless and lying and cheating to get his next high.
"In those moments where I thought I had nothing going for me, that I was just going to die a lonely, sad death … you know there was hope there," Fiedel said. "I just didn't know where to find it."
Fiedel says his family got him into a 28-day treatment program at Caron Treatment Centers and it saved his life.
Now, the 33-year-old has a happy family and a good job. Fiedel produces music for television and when he does, he remembers the good times with his brother.
Caron Treatment Centers hopes to raise $1 million at the fundraiser Wednesday night to help provide financial assistance to people in the recovery program.