Stamford mayoral candidates throw jabs at one another ahead of election

The jabs between the candidates for Stamford mayor just keep coming - with state Rep. Caroline Simmons telling News 12 she's "outraged" after Bobby Valentine called her a "35-year-old girl" in an article posted Tuesday.
Valentine's campaign manager said in a statement, "Caroline is 35. She did attend an expensive private school in Greenwich. She has not worked in diverse settings as Bobby has."
"I think it's reflective of a pattern of comments that are dismissive, demeaning and offensive to people in our city," Simmons says.
The issue rose from comments from Valentine, who says his family has lived in Stamford for over 100 years and Simmons, who is from Greenwich, only moved to Stamford eight years ago.
"That's not going to get a lot of votes in this day and age when you talk about a woman who is a state lawmaker and, you know, where you start talking about gender issues," says Sacred Heart University political analyst Gary Rose.
Simmons says these recent comments are extremely offensive to women. Valentine says Simmons supporters have painted him as "just another old white guy."
A spokesperson for Valentine tells News 12 that he apologized for his comments and that Simmons has "repeatedly misled and misstated the facts."
Political experts say despite the jabs, they think this will be a close race and difficult to predict.