Stamford NAACP plans to protest alleged cop racism

Stamford?s NAACP met Monday night to plan a protest against the police department over alleged racism and abuse of power.
The NAACP cites numerous cases where it says officers have abused their power with the city?s black community.
Javonna Collins says she was pulled over by Stamford police on August 1 for no apparent reason. She says officers then patted her down and searched her purse and car. ?He said I was blocking traffic but there were no cars coming,? Collins recalls of the incident.
Jack Bryant, president of the Stamford chapter, says the episode is part of a pattern of abuse of authority and intimidation by some officers when relating to young black residents.
A spokesperson for the Stamford police department told News 12 Connecticut, "We do not violate people?s rights with unwarranted searches. Searches are based on the circumstances. And those circumstances may not be apparent to someone watching from across the street.?
A protest in front of the Stamford Police Department is scheduled for Aug. 31