Stamford neighborhood drenched by Ida braces for more possible flooding

All eyes are on the skies in a Stamford neighborhood that took a beating during Ida.
News 12 Connecticut's Marissa Alter was in Glenbrook where residents on Frisbie Street were preparing for the worst as another storm system heads toward the region.
“I’m walking on eggshells right now,” said Gary Pellini
It was the same sentiment on nearby Center Street, where Toni Perretta said neighbors were “holding our breath.”
Some homes in the neighborhood saw 4 feet of water from Ida on Sept. 1.
Perretta told News 12 that a “pristine” photo studio in her basement was destroyed. Pellini says the entire first floor of his home was wiped out and had to be redone.
“My night’s going to be sitting in front of the window looking out all night … I’m going to be up until the morning, just worried I’m going to be flooded out again,” said Pellini.
The section of Glenbrook isn't by any body of water, but it's in a low-lying area. That caused major flooding in 2007 and then again last month.
The city of Stamford says crews were putting extra effort into clearing troubled areas, but infrastructure changes will take time and money.