Stamford officials ask residents to remove vehicles from street parking to allow for plows

Local DPW crews are ready to hit the streets to keep Connecticut residents safe over the weekend during the nor'easter.
The most important thing they want residents to know is to remove their vehicles from side street parking so plows can get through, and to refrain from driving.
The City of Stamford says this is the biggest storm of the year so far. They plan on getting ahead and pre-treating roads with salt Friday night.
"I think tomorrow if you don't have to be on the roads, please don't," said Stamford Director of Operations Matt Quinones. "It really won't be safe conditions, especially early in the morning. They're predicting some white-out conditions, which could cause for a difficulty in terms of visibility on the roads. So please stay home."
Officials says they have over 40 personnel ready to go and 34 planned routes they will be clearing and monitoring.
They say they'll be on standby until snow falls and then immediately start clearing these routes.
Officials say they plan on having their crews working through Sunday because of how significant snowfall is projected to be.