Stamford pizza truck gives ex-drug dealer a second chance

<p>A new pizza truck in Stamford is on a mission to transform lives one slice at a time.</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 1, 2017, 6:58 PM

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A new pizza truck in Stamford is on a mission to transform lives one slice at a time.
James Gibson, a self-described former gang member and drug dealer, is the owner and operator of Little Box Pizza, which stations itself in the driveway of the Fish Church.
Fairfield resident Brad Nagy - who owns several pizzerias in New York City and Westchester County - and his business partner financed the truck and then searched for the right person to give it to.
"I met James actually through a mutual friend, and I was telling him a little what we were doing with Little Box," Nagy says. "He was like 'hey, you need to meet James.' …and it wound up James was great."
Nagy says he plans to bring more trucks to Fairfield County run by those who deserve a second chance.
"I think everybody wants to live a significant life, and you can either live selfishly and keep doing things for yourself, or you can do something special for other people," Nagy says.
Gibson, who says he spent two decades entangled in a life of crime, wanted to turn things around after his release from behind bars.
"It's been three years totally free from anything attached to that lifestyle, and I've been moving forward," he says. "And it's getting brighter every day."
Meatball sliders, salads and cannolis are also on the truck's menu. It's open for business every evening except on Sundays with plans to add lunch soon as well.

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