Stamford police take over investigation of fire that hospitalized two toddlers

Investigators want to know if the children’s mother was home at the time – and if not, where she was.

John Craven

Dec 1, 2022, 10:29 PM

Updated 570 days ago


Stamford police have taken over the investigation into a fire that sent two toddlers to the hospital. Investigators want to know if the children’s mother was home at the time – and if not, where she was.
Firefighters said the children were semiconscious when they were rescued from a second-floor bedroom on Custer Street Wednesday afternoon. The Stamford fire chief’s office said it was a small fire in a metal pot left on a stove, but thick smoke filled the apartment. Police believe the fire was burning for more than 20 minutes before a smoke alarm alerted a neighbor, who called 911.
The victims’ mother could be seen crying outside as rescue crews performed CPR on them. According to Stamford Police Lt. Jerry Junes, both children are in stable condition at Yale New Haven Hospital.
"We talk about blessings,” he said. “It's definitely a blessing."
Police have not identified the mother or the two children, ages 2 and 3. Junes said detectives plan to interview the family soon.
"Currently the investigation is saying that she may not have been home,” said Junes. “We're still trying to determine the exact truth of that."
The children's father was at work during the fire, according to police. Investigators aren't sure if anyone will face criminal charges yet, but the focus is on making sure the children are safe.
"As long as the apartment is deemed reasonable and suitable for the kids to go home, we don't have any reason to believe the kids are going to be placed outside the home,” said Junes. "We have the incident, but we're going to take the opportunity to provide additional resources to the family, if need be."
Junes said the toddlers may have a chronic medical condition that could impact their recovery. If their mother is charged, it could be up a felony child endangerment charge.

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