Stamford postal workers ask owners to control pets

? The Stamford Postal Office is asking pet owners to take responsibly for their animals.
Last week, two letter carriers delivering mail in the Springdale area were bitten by dogs, bringing this year?s total number of bites to 10.
Stamford?s delivery manager, Brian Hogan, says that?s an especially large number compared to only three bites last year.
Just last Monday, one carrier was bitten on the hand and another on the leg. Though both workers are okay now, they needed to miss a week of work. Hogan says the medical bills for the 10 accidents this year have already cost more than $10,000, which the pets? owners will need to pay.
The Stamford Animal Shelter offers these tips to pet owners: Make sure the dog is neutered and spayed ? this will lower the dog's aggression levels. Supervise pets when they?re outside. If you know what time your mail carrier is coming, keep your pets inside. And make sure your dog is up to date on rabies vaccinations and licensing.