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Stamford residents talk parking problems with city reps

<p>Stamford residents spoke with city representatives Monday to find a solution to their parking woes.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jul 10, 2017, 11:20 PM

Updated 2,503 days ago


Some Stamford residents met with city representatives Monday to find a solution to their parking woes.
Neighbors of Stamford Hospital say dozens of parking spaces were closed off at the beginning of the month while the hospital was undergoing construction. They say that led to a new surge of overflow parking in the neighborhood.
Residents say people who don't want to pay for hospital parking began using residential streets, which made it difficult for them to find spots near their own homes.
The city has proposed a residential parking zone program, which would limit parking on some streets to residents who buy permits. The program was previously halted, and expansion to new neighborhoods will remain suspended without another change to the rules.
Some in the area don't think that would be fair.
"Anybody has a right to walk these sidewalks and park on these streets," says Bill Pascale, another resident.
News 12 is told the Board of Representatives is supposed to discuss the residential parking zone program at a meeting next month. It could be months before the program is implemented.

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