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Stamford road crews work to fix potholes

Stamford road crews Tuesday worked to fix potholes left behind after the winter.

News 12 Staff

Apr 9, 2019, 5:16 PM

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Stamford road crews worked to fix potholes Tuesday that were left behind after the winter.
Several crews were out repairing potholes, including on Maple Tree Avenue.
Stamford has over 315 miles of roadway, which makes it the largest municipal road system in Connecticut. That means crews had a lot to repair, especially after the winter left the roads broken and battered with potholes.
"We had over 760 requests for pothole fillings and we've done about 560, this is all since January," says Mark McGrath
City officials say crews are repairing roads in areas that residents have complained about through the city's online fix it portal Fix It Stamford.
"We ask them to be the eyes and ears for us and they submit their request saying, 'Hey there's a pothole on this street in this particular area,' and within a couple of days, we get the crews out there," says McGrath.
Officials encourage residents to continue pointing out problem areas online.
McGrath says Gov. David Martin sets aside about $6 million for pothole repairs each year.
City crews plan to also repave about 15 streets before the end of June.

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