Stamford, Bridgeport schools giving out free meals for teens, kids

Stamford and Bridgeport public schools announced Friday they will hand out free grab-and-go meals as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down classes.
Even though Bridgeport public schools have been closed as a precaution against coronavirus, workers at the Roosevelt school cafeteria are getting ready to serve hundreds free meals to families who qualify.
Officials assure residents that the cafeterias of the schools participating are safe to eat in. They say the cafeterias have been precleaned just for the purpose of serving the families.
"This was the first place cleaned because this is going to be the point of entry.  We're really fortunate that our direct access outside leads right into this area. We'll certainly be limiting the number of people. If, say, we were to have a huge amount of over 200, I would stagger the families that come in,” says Principal Jacqueline Simmons.
Beginning March 13, anyone 18 or younger can get free meals from 10 a.m. to noon at the following locations:
Elementary Schools
•    Davenport Ridge, 1300 Newfield Ave.
•    Hart Magnet, 61 Adams Ave.
•    Julia A. Stark, 398 Glenbrook Rd.
•    K.T. Murphy, 19 Horton St.
•    Newfield, 345 Pepper Ridge Rd
•    Northeast, 82 Scofieldtown Rd.
•    Rogers International School, 202 Blachley Rd.
•    Roxbury, 751 West Hill Rd.
•    Springdale, 1127 Hope St.
•    Stillmeadow, 800 Stillwater Rd.
•    Strawberry Hill, an extension of Rogers International School, 200 Strawberry Hill Ave.
•    Toquam Magnet, 123 Ridgewood Ave.
•    Westover Magnet @ 1 Elmcroft Road
Middle Schools
•    Cloonan, 11 West North St.
•    Dolan, 51 Toms Rd.
•    Rippowam, 381High Ridge Rd.
•    Scofield Magnet, 641 Scofieldtown Rd.
•    Turn of River, 117 Vine Rd.
High Schools
•    AITE, 411High Ridge Rd
•    Stamford, 55 Strawberry Hill Ave
•    Westhill, 125 Roxbury Rd.
Community-Based Organizations and Programs 
•    SPS Anchor at Harbor Landing @ 68 Southfield Avenue
•    Yerwood Center, 90 Fairfield Ave.
•    Chester Addison Center, 245 Selleck St.
•    Trailblazer (Domus), 83 Lockwood Ave.
Bridgeport schools also plan to give out breakfast and lunch while schools are closed. The emergency school services are scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., and 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Meals will be provided at the following schools:
Barnum School
Cesar A. Batalla School
Black Rock
Bryant School
Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy
Columbus School
Wilbur Cross School
James J. Curiale
Hall School
Hallen School
Harding High School
Hooker School
Geraldine Johnson School
Luis Munoz Marin School
Park City Magnet School
Read School
Roosevelt School
Jettie S. Tisdale School
John Winthop School