Stamford to install Black Lives Matter street mural downtown

Cities across the U.S. have installed Black Lives Matter street murals - and Stamford will become the latest community to do so.
Art is common in downtown Stamford, with sculptures positioned on sidewalks throughout. Broad Street in front of the Ferguson Library Plaza will become the city's latest piece of work: a Black Lives Matter mural that will be installed Sunday.
"This is our way of using peaceful protest art to take a stand," says Valerie Cooper, the owner of Picture That Art Consultants in Stamford.
The effort follows a wave of similar street murals, including in nearby Bridgeport and New York City. They call for the elimination of systemic racism and advocate for social justice for all.
Cooper is spearheading the event.
"I've watched these murals unfold; I've watched the different uniqueness of the artistic renderings and so for me to be able to create one in my own backyard so to speak and influence the rhythm of it, the beat of it, the style; I can't really put into the words the excitement, the level of fulfillment it brings," she says.
Cooper assembled 16 Black artists from lower Fairfield County, and each one will take the lead on the creative concept for a specific letter.
The public can then sign up to help carry out that vision and paint throughout the day in 15-minute intervals.
"It really is a project for the Stamford community at large," Cooper says.
Sunday's mural painting event includes several other activities for families, like chalk art, a Black Lives Matter book sale and a poetry slam.