Stamford Uber driver speaks out following assault during late night ride in Darien

Stamford Uber driver Sijo George is sharing his story after video surfaced of him being punched and slapped several times by a passenger on their way home from a night out.
It started out as a normal pick up in Downtown Stamford for George with two male passengers and two different drop-off locations just before midnight.
There was minimal conversation, but that changed when both passengers left the vehicle at the first stop at Tulip Tree Lane in Darien.
This prompted George to ask about the second drop-off location. That's when one of the passengers began asking to see George's driver's license.
In a matter of seconds, the situation turned violent.
Video shows George being punched multiple times. The passenger is then seen then fleeing momentarily, but when George tries to call for help, the passenger begins attacking him again.
George called 911 at the scene, and Darien police later arrived.
George worked as an Uber driver on the side to support his family, but says after the incident, he can't do it anymore.
Darien police told News 12 that the passenger fled the scene before officers arrived and could not be located.
The passenger has since been identified by police and the incident is under investigation.