Stamford's Ferguson Library reopens with new changes

For the first time in nearly three months, Stamford's Ferguson Library is open to the public - with a few changes.
The Ferguson Library's main building and Harry Bennett branch are allowing patrons to come inside, but you won't be able to browse most of the collection just yet.
Since March, the library's collection was only been available via curbside pickup. Now kiosks let patrons video chat with librarians to ask about the collection, get recommendations, and request the volumes they'd like.
"We have done telelibrarian," explains Ferguson Library President Alice Knapp. "Then that person can go and pull out the books and bring 'em up to you."
Knapp says if all goes well, the stacks will be open to the public later this month so patrons can browse to their heart's content.
She adds that the personal touch is something her staff and customers have been missing since the start of the pandemic.
"That's the rapport that we've really missed over the last few months," Knapp says.