Stars of classic TV comedies star in new play 'Two Jews, Talking'

Two stars of classic television comedies of the 1970s and 1980s have teamed up for the first time on stage. Hal Linden, who starred as the title character Barney Miller in the sitcom set in a New York City police precinct, and Bernie Kopell, who played cruise ship doctor Adam Bricker on "Love Boat," are now appearing together off-Broadway.
"Two Jews, Talking, " a new play written by veteran writer Ed. Weinberger is being performed at the Theatre At St. Clements.
"There's overlapping themes of faith versus skepticism, and it also has to do with male bonding, friendship. What do you do for a friend and how do you make a friend,” says Linden of the two-act comedy. The first act is set in ancient times, the second on modern-day Long Island.
"Even though we have different views, we care deeply for each other ... it comes out, “ says Kopell.
“Two Jews, Talking” is scheduled to run through at least Oct. 23. Watch a conversation between Linden and Kopell about their beginnings in show business here: