State AG: Expanded Purdue Pharma lawsuit is about opioid epidemic’s ‘human toll’

State Attorney General William Tong says the state’s expanded lawsuit against Stamford-based Purdue Pharma is not about money, but about the human toll of the opioid epidemic.
“It’s not about money. It is, has been, in this industry too much about money for too long,” says Tong, who on Tuesday met with three families affected by the opiod crisis.
The lawsuit claims that Purdue Pharma, run by the Sackler family, knew about the addiction issues related to OxyContin but pushed the drug anyway.
 The company released a statement through its spokesman, Bob Josephson:
“We believe that no pharmaceutical manufacturer has done more to address the opioid addiction crisis than Purdue, and we continue to work closely with governments and law enforcement agencies on this difficult social issue."
Oklahoma recently settled its opioid lawsuit with Purdue for $270 million. Tong says they are far from discussing any sort of settlement for Connecticut.