State closes Lindenwold day care center after worker allegedly abused 2 babies

A Camden County day care center is now closed following allegations of child abuse and attempted murder from one of its employees.
County prosecutors say that Maggie Fruit allegedly abused two 1-year-old children at the Forever Young Child Care Learning Center in Lindenwold.
One of the children is the son of Shaqueena Mumford. She says that she was left shaken after seeing a video of the alleged abused directed toward her 1-year-old son Nyzir.
“He was lying flat on the mat and then he turned over. She had his arm in his left leg and she slammed them on the mat and then she put a cover over his head and tried to suffocate him, putting her whole body force on him,” Mumford says.
A note on the door at the center states that it has been shut down by the state and that the owners don’t know when they will be able to reopen. The situation has left parents frustrated and scared.
"What happened was crazy, I feel as though something needs to happen to her but not everybody else. It's not fair to the other parents. It's not fair to the children here. It's just not fair to anyone. How can you be a working parent and now you have to find somewhere else for your child to go?” asks Gracie Yates of Lindenwold.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to Forever Young for comment. The owners stated in one email that they have retained counsel.
A following email then stated, “Our families are devastated and want to protest! Put that on your stupid news! You should have been here this morning as they were crying. Twenty-six years. The criminal is in jail. The news created this as usual."
Fruit’s detention hearing is set for Friday.