State Democrats unveil new bill to tax gun ammunition

State Democrats introduced a new bill Monday that would make it more expensive for gun owners to use their firearms.
State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest took to Twitter to argue for a new 35% tax on ammunition sold in the state.
Gilchrest says anti-gun violence organizations are underfunded and revenue from the new tax would help to keep them in the black.
When she called for a similar 50% tax on ammo last year, Gilchrest also argued that the higher cost would mean less usage - basically applying the lesson of the cigarette tax to bullets.
Holly Sullivan, president of the pro-gun Connecticut Civilian Defense League, says more expensive bullets just means less training for legal gun owners.
Gilchrest hopes her bill will help defray the estimated $1.2 billion the state spends fighting gun violence annually. But Sullivan says it's not fair to pass that cost on to law-abiding, gun-owning citizens.
There is no word if Gilchrest's bill will come up for a public hearing.