State Department of Health: 1 dead from flu virus

A person has died as a result of the flu virus in Connecticut, state health officials say.
Officials say one flu-associated death occurred in an individual greater than 65 years old and it is the first flu-related death in the state for the season.
Health and state officials say even if a flu shot is only 20 percent effective, it's better than nothing at all. They are pushing for everyone to get vaccinated in October.
They say the flu season begins this month and ends in April or May.
The Department of Health says 22 people have been hospitalized between the end of August and Oct. 13 in Connecticut as a result of the flu.
A total of 41 flu-positive lab tests have been reported across the state.
Dr. Michael Parry, an infectious disease specialist, says while it's early in the year to see a flu-related death it's tough to predict the severity of this flu season.
He says that getting vaccinated is important, especially for people like the elderly and young children who are more susceptible to complications.
The Department of Health reports flu activity has been slowly increasing since the end of August.
The U.S. saw over 80,000 flu-related deaths last year, with 154 deaths in Connecticut.