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Proposal aims to ban soda, juices and flavored milks from kid's menus

Should soda, juices and flavored milks be taken off of children's menus?

News 12 Staff

Feb 7, 2019, 10:15 PM

Updated 1,962 days ago


State lawmakers are considering a bill that would take the sugary drinks off of children's menus.  The legislation would not stop children from ordering sugary drinks, but customers think it just might just make them think twice.
"As a kid who grew up in the 80s, we ate a lot of sugary foods and there was just no limits on like, however many burritos you want to eat and however many desserts you want to have and sodas you want to have," says Chris Kuhlmann. "I had a real weight problem."
Opponents are calling the proposed ban a "nanny state" law."
Where do we draw the line?" says state Rep.Patrick Boyd (D). "You know chocolate milk is - the sugars in it are negligible at best."
If the proposal passes, sugary drinks would have to come off kids' menus by the end of this year.

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