State regulators launch 6 investigations into Bridgeport mayor primary

The State Elections Enforcement Commission has officially launched six investigations into the Bridgeport mayoral primary race.
The investigations stem from potential ballot fraud.
As News 12 has reported, leaked security camera video appears to show a supporter of Mayor Joe Ganim stuffing stacks of absentee ballots into a drop box outside the Bridgeport Government Center.
The women allegedly seen in the video, Wanda Geter, has been place on leave.
The commission also issued a subpoena for the footage on Wednesday.
"These allegations have the effect of undermining the public's trust in free and fair elections, and we take them very seriously," says Stephen Penny, the commission's chair.
State regulators also voted to investigate another case of possible ballot tempering at Bridgeport's fireside apartments.
Ganim's opponent, John Gomes has asked a judge to order a new Democratic primary.