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State Rep. Scanlon proposes tax cut for parents in Connecticut

State Rep. Sean Scanlon proposed creating a 'Connecticut Child Tax Credit.'

News 12 Staff

Jan 19, 2021, 11:10 PM

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A state representative is proposing a tax cut for parents in Connecticut.
Cindy Silva just had a baby, and the bills are already piling up.
"Housing, food, clothing - these things add up so quickly. Especially when it's your first," says Silva.
But, parents across Connecticut could soon get a tax break.
"I am proposing creating a Connecticut Child Tax Credit," says state Rep. Sean Scanlon.
Scanlon is co-chair of the legislature’s powerful tax-writing committee. It could mean big savings on state income taxes.
In the first year, most families would save up to $450. In the fourth year, the savings jump to $1,800.
"The goal of this is really simple. It's to make sure that we can make Connecticut more affordable for working and middle-class families," Scanlon says.
Republicans in the state are potentially on board with a tax cut.
"In theory, yes. How do you pay for it? That's where the hard conversations start," says state Rep. Holly Cheeseman.
Cheeseman is the top Republican on the state's finance committee.
"If you're telling people they're going to get a child tax credit or a property tax credit, how do you ensure that stays there?" she says.
Even Gov. Lamont wants to hold off to see what help comes from Washington first.
"I think you’re going to find from President-elect Biden that he’s going to have a significant refundable Earned Income Tax Credit as part of his program," he says.
But parents like Katie Wirth say they need a break.
"I think this will help single moms," she says.
Even more relief could be coming - state lawmakers are also looking at restoring a $500 property tax rebate that's been trimmed in recent years.
Senate Republican leader Kevin Kelly issued a statement regarding the new child tax credit proposed by majority Democrats on the legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, saying, "We appreciate the admission by Democrats that Connecticut is an expensive place to live and raise a family. It's about time! That's why Republicans have been fighting for ways to make Connecticut more affordable for middle class families who have been squeezed by majority Democrats and one party rule for at least a decade. And while we welcome this discussion, as is always the case, the devil is in the details. Health insurance premiums, energy costs and the overall cost of living in Connecticut are too high thanks to the onerous policies passed by majority Democrats, resulting in people leaving Connecticut for greener pastures. Over the course of the next few weeks, Republicans will unveil proposals of our own to make Connecticut more affordable and we look forward to a spirited debate."

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