State Sen. Haskell solidifies his seat at the table with his new book

One of the youngest state senators in the country has a new book out Tuesday about his young political career.
State Sen. Will Haskell has been anything but shy in his short political career.
Knocking on 4,000 doors to get elected at 22, the now-25-year-old has a new book that he hopes will inspire young people.
"Gen Z doesn't have all the answers, but we might have some ideas - and I think it's really important that other young people actually get to claim a seat at every single table where decisions are made," Haskell.
Haskell says his book, entitled "100,000 First Bosses," is an honest, behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to run for office.
"I talk about what it's like to hire my college roommate to be my campaign manager. To move into bunk beds because that was the only apartment that we could afford in Fairfield County," he said.
Haskell upset entrenched Republican Toni Boucher in 2018, who was first elected when Haskell was born.
"Both parties would be smart to take advantage of more outreach opportunities to young voters," said Haskell.
He shared with News 12 his plans to step aside from politics to be closer to his fiancee Katie in New York, and to go to law school.
"It was a really challenging decision to decide not to seek a third term. That said, I'm enormously proud of what I was able to accomplish," he said.
Haskell has not ruled out a comeback.
"Perhaps I could find my way back into politics eventually, and in the meantime I'm walking out of this job and this state capitol more optimistic than ever before," he said.
Haskell says he will be at the Westport Library to talk about his book on Jan. 27.
His book "100,000 First Bosses" is out now.