State senator calls for reopening of police substation to curb crime

A state lawmaker is calling on Bridgeport officials to reopen an old police substation ahead of the summer, when officials say violent crime tends to spike.
City and state leaders came together Thursday morning to say something needs to be done to curb violent crime before the weather turns hot. State Sen. Dennis Bradley held the news conference in front of the old police substation on Stratford Avenue, which he says must be reopened within the coming weeks.
Bradley says it will take between $30,000-$50,000 in funding to get the substation up and running again so police can provide more intensive patrolling in high-crime zones.
"Enough is enough. We don't want to have any more memorials, we don't want to have any more marches, we want to put an end to it. And the best medicine is preventative medicine and we know that we can work together with law enforcement, with our City Council, with our mayor and with the state to make sure we get the resources that we need to see the progress that we want," says Bradley.
Officials say the necessary funding could come from grants, the city budget or a combination of both.