State senator to resign rather than face expulsion

(AP) - State Sen. Louis DeLuca said Tuesday thathe will step down rather than face possible expulsion from theSenate for asking a trash hauler with alleged mob ties to threatenhis granddaughter's husband, a Republican official said Tuesday.
The former Republican leader has represented 10 towns in westernConnecticut since 1991. He has said he asked Danbury trash haulerJames Galante for help because he believed his granddaughter wasbeing abused by her husband and Waterbury police would not assisthim - a charge they have denied.
DeLuca, 74, of Woodbury stepped down as Senate minority leaderin June after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor threatening charge.He received a six-month suspended sentence and was ordered to pay a$2,000 fine and donate $1,500 to charity as part of the plea deal.
He has apologized for his actions.
A Senate committee considering whether to expel, censure,reprimand or take no action against him had been expected to askthe full Senate on Tuesday for permission to subpoena audiotapes ofDeLuca's conversations with an undercover FBI agent.
The threat against his granddaughter's husband was never carriedout. DeLuca has also come under fire for offering political help toGalante, who is awaiting trial on 93 counts, includingracketeering, racketeering conspiracy, extortion, mail and wirefraud, and witness tampering.
DeLuca is leaving office as of Nov. 30.