Stevenson Dam Bridge construction to detour trucks through heart of Monroe

A weight restriction on the Stevenson Bridge is going to divert a lot more tractor-trailers to Route 111 right through the heart of Monroe, police say.
Police say the new weight restriction for commercial trucks over 15 tons will force truckers to take routes 111, 110 and 25, through Monroe.
The restriction will be implemented for the Stevenson Dam at Lake Zoar once a design team is created.
Construction at the dam began to try to fix the current structural issues.
Monroe police Capt. Keith White says the restrictions on truckers will start soon.      
"We want people to be aware of it, we want the trucking industry to know that the restriction is there, the enforcement will begin shortly but for now we just want people to know that this restriction has been placed upon the dam."
Police say they believe the detour will be in place for a long time.